Mason Burgers & Stuff acts as a franchise of premium burgers with recognized quality, consistent high standards and unique design.

When we decided to franchise Mason burgers, we took great steps to ensure that the product we’re delivering remains the best quality, from the 100% domestic Simmental cattle beef in all of our patties to our signature Brioche buns.
Our goal is to offer our freshly prepared burgers of consistent quality to food lovers across Croatia and beyond. When granting the franchise, full support is provided by a team that is constantly committed to its success.

Mason Burgers & Stuff has developed a systematized and effective approach that guarantees a quick and successful launch of the franchise in little time, either by forming a new offer with Mason burgers & Stuff burgers or by launching a Mason Burgers & Stuff restaurant. This includes staff training support, a professional marketing and managerial team with experience advertising and marketing as well as support in the fields of architecture and design, operational support, and support in purchasing and equipment selection.



︎MASON BURGERS & STUFF RESTAURANT Complete Mason burgers&stuff experience 

The restaurant franchise includes the entire Mason burgers&stuff experience concept that includes all franchise services: support in staff training, experience of a professional marketing and managerial team in advertising and marketing, as well as support in the fields of architecture and design, operational support, and support in purchasing and selecting equipment. The restaurant franchise also includes our renowned chef Ivan Zidar occasionally being a guest at promotional events.
︎MASON BURGERS & STUFF BURGERS  Our “Original” & “Gourmet” burgers

Burgers franchise refers to the possession of Mason burgers&stuff "Original" or "Gourmet" burgers in one’s own catering facility offer, and includes staff training support, the use of Mason burgers&stuff channel in advertising and marketing as well as professional creative support such as guidelines for designing and branding all accompanying materials that help franchise users do better business (packaging, price lists, uniforms).
Our “Foundation” burgers 

This form of franchise is offered to anyone who wants to create their own unique burger using the Mason base. For selected franchises and catering establishments, we set up a special base (soft and delicious potato bun and succulent rested beef) that enable the creation of a custom signature burger with our professional guidance and education. Along with our base and Your unique recipe ingredients and combinations offer Your guests something completely new!



When the recipient of the restaurant franchise with whom we arrange the cooperation finds an adequate location, the cooperation takes place in the following steps:

1.   Approval of a location - Franchise Provider
2.   Signing a franchise agreement - together
3.   Creating floor plan and design of space concept - Franchise Provider
4.   Design and plan for kitchen furnishing (including procurement plan) - Franchise Provider;
5.   Construction work on the building - together, i.e. with support of the Franchise Provider;
6.   Provision of the premises - together, i.e. with support of the Franchise Provider
7.   Training for franchisees and employees – together, i.e. both sides;
8.   Consultant services on sales and work of a restaurant - Franchise Provider
9.   Opening the restaurant - together
10.  Business Management - Receiver of Franchise!



︎ Mason Training

In each catering facility, we educate the staff to ensure high standards of preparation and presentation of Mason Burger. Proper education while maintaining consistency and integrity of Mason burgers&stuff brand is indispensable to launching a successful franchise. For this reason, high standards for business development and staff operations have been set up.

︎Operational & Supply support

Mason Burgers & Stuff franchise is provided with consulting services related to the sale of Mason Burgers as well as restaurant work, ensuring a high standard of operating procedures and maximizing profitability.

︎Design & Architecture

The unique and recognizable approach to design in the retail space as well as the accompanying content (packaging, price lists, uniforms) is an equally valuable segment in the business of a Mason burgers&stuff franchise. For this reason, we provide professional creative support in design and architecture with consultation and involvement of franchise receiver throughout the process so that the concept meets the specific needs of each location. Mason Burgers & Stuff provides guidelines for design, branding and signalling in the space, as well as all other materials that help franchise receivers in doing business as well as possible.

︎Marketing and Advertising

Mason Burgers & Stuff is continually working on developing creative and effective marketing through expanding attendance at major festivals, in the media and on social networks. Every new franchise that is part of the Mason family is provided with visual and communicative distinctiveness, as well as innovative and focused advertising through existing Mason Burgers & Stuff channels that are constantly expanding.


Mason Burgers & Stuff
Zagreb / Croatia