Mason is our signature burger! We always like to go back to the basics from which we started: brioche bun, beef rested in a dry chamber for two weeks, egg sunny side up, salad, tomato and BBQ sauce! This burger is a great choice for all those who like an attested and well received option!  


Špaleta is the winner of the Zagreb Burger Festival in 2017 and the real representative of Istrian gastronomy. The feature of this burger is hidden in the unique composition of meat, 50% of beef and 50% of špaleta – a meat that was once an unavoidable part of the Easter table in Istria, a slice of Istrian cow cheese along with green salad and mustard seed dressing.


The meat found in this burger was previously rested in top teran wine of the famous Istrian winemaker Matošević. Matošević's wines are not only known and established in Istria but also outside of Croatia, and their popularity is also enjoyed in the far-away America. The first bite of this burger will take You to the northernmost part of the Mediterranean, where vivid vineyards spread across an ideally sunny countryside. We have paired this autochthonous Istrian variety of wine, that You will surely recognize in the meat, with prosciutto crumble, onion compote in Teran wine and arugula.


Smokey Dolac is the double winner of the Zagreb Burger Festival in 2018. For all the fans of unique smoky flavours we have created a real gastro delight the inspiration for which we have found on the old Zagreb market Dolac: smoked-while-rested meat burger, seasoned with pancetta mayonnaise and traditional smoked cheese from Dolac.


Taking the best of the best, we have created top gourmet morsels - gourmet burgers for all those who want to treat their taste buds to an unforgettable gourmet delight.
In 2018, we introduced the Shrimp Burger and Butter Burger, which is remembered as the main star of the Zagreb Burger Festival. Butter burgers made exclusively of brioche bun and minced beef with 40% fat are topped by finely shaved fresh black truffles, while the gourmet Shrimp burger is elevated by adding peaches and white kimchi (fermented cabbage in shrimp paste).

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